Welcome to Bible Signposts!

What is this?

Do you sometimes feel a bit lost when reading the Bible? Or forget what happened earlier on?

I do! Sometimes I can’t quite remember the big picture or the context, and that’s where these signposts come in handy:

  • Each book and group of books has a short summary (eg, Historical Books) to help you understand the context.

  • Each book is divided into sections with helpful headings (eg, Judges) to help you navigate.

  • Each book has a selection of verses to help you quickly get a sense of the book while staying centered on God’s word.

How do I use this website?

Use this website however you like! Start from the beginning, or use it as a map for whichever part of the Bible you’re reading.

These notes are quite neutral and let you make your own theological conclusions, so it works well alongside your choice of study books and materials. And if you prefer a different translation to the NIV, you can just use the summaries and section headings alongside the translation that suits you.